Website Design Process


The first step in the website design process is the client contact. You may find us through advertisement or a referral. You may search for a website design firm online and find our website. You may be first contacted by us when we see an opportunity to apply our skills to your situation. Or you may hear of us through word-of-mouth.

We are highly trained, educated, and experienced with a long history in the website design industry. Our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t can be the first step in helping your organization plan your web project. We will help educate and advise you during every step of the process. A free consultation with you will help you get to know My Web Visions and allow us to gather the top-level requirements for your project. This helps us to better estimate the start-to-delivery timeline of the project.

Project Initiation!

Once we have decided to work together on your website design process, My Web Visions will initiate a meeting where we’ll fine tune the specifications of your website. During this meeting you will communicate to us requirements of such areas as aesthetics, domain names, timelines, and content. You’ll meet your Project Manager, who will be responsible for ensuring your website meets (or exceeds!) your expectations. We’ll work with you, not at you, in designing a world-class website that meets your business or organization’s challenges. We’ll work together in planning your database design (the stuff that makes websites “smart”).

Project Implementation!

As the project progresses, we’ll keep you continually informed and involved in the website design process. Your approval will be needed at several points to ensure our deliverables meet your requirements and that we may proceed to subsequent phases. The art direction, multimedia, database design, image assets, software development, and content layout will all come together as the project nears completion.

Project Conclusion!

Before your new website is placed ‘live’ it will go through rigorous testing. If any “bugs” are found, they are tracked and corrected. At this point, if you have chosen a Web Application (such as a content management system) your Project Manager will sit with your staff and provide individualized training. Then, usability testing is performed by your staff which may dictate minor changes. When all is to your satisfaction, the curtain is unveiled, and your new website “goes live” and is visible to the public, your partners, or your staff.