My Web Visions is operating with values of ecological and business sustainability.

In today’s business world, where having a website is an important part of any viable marketing strategy, it is important to have a web hosting company that you can trust and have easy contact with. Wouldn’t it be nice if that same hosting company believes in ecological sustainability?

Our mission is to deliver quality web hosting services to the general public while assisting in increasing awareness about the impact we all have on the delicate balance of our environment. In 2010, servers were responsible for 2.5% of energy consumption in the United States. A further 2.5% of United States energy consumption was used by cooling systems required to cool the servers. In fact, it was estimated that if trends continued, by 2020, servers would use more of the world’s energy than air travel. (ARM chief calls for low-drain wireless”. The Inquirer. 29 June 2010. )

In order to help fulfill our mission, My Web Visions is offsetting our energy usage with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for both power to operate the servers and the power needed for cooling them. By using RECs we offer our clients a more ecologically sustainable alternative for their web hosting. It is our hope that our global neighborhood will place value in the support of eco business creating a balance between economic goals and a sense of responsibility for the health of the planet and its people.

My Web Visions is committed to conducting our web hosting business in ethical and socially responsible ways. We hope to contribute positively to the community who supports us.

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